Quick FAQs

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers

Quick FAQs

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers

Common Questions

Unsecured funding has the advantage of being completed in 1-2 weeks, requires no down-payment or collateral, and the closing cost is able to be financed into the amount you’re borrowing. Unsecured funding is also able to be spent flexibly and is not beholden to any particular business or brand, so the funds are able to be used towards whatever the client wishes. Retirement funds will always be available no matter what your current circumstances are regarding credit and income. Why sacrifice your retirement savings early on when you’re just now getting the business off the ground?

There are NO upfront costs associated with looking at your unsecured funding options. The only costs associated with this process would be due at the time of closing once we have done everything we said we were going to.

The Funding Analysis will NOT affect your credit. Even going so far as to accept on loan offers will have minimal impact on your scores. In most cases, they come back stronger after the first payment on loans.

Funding typically takes between 1-2 weeks at the most. It is important to note that depending on the preparedness of the client, it can be wrapped up within 2-3 days.

Your business does NOT need to be established in order for you to acquire funds.

We are not a direct lender. We are a research and development firm that runs data science on lenders all across the nation and we put together a strategy to acquire the funds you need. Often times lenders will box you into their amount of funding, and you may need more, so using data science, and our team of underwriters, will help us think outside the box and give you a competitive advantage to acquire the amount you need and identify the best rates and terms in the market.

Rates and terms are dependent on the quality of the applicant’s credit.

Terms typically range 8-10 years.

Our closing costs are ONLY due once you accept loans and have them dispersed into your bank account. Most clients choose to finance enough extra in funding so that they can cover the closing costs, however, we also accept payment via credit card.

We specialize in unsecured term loans. Typically, your total financing goal is met between 1-3 loans. The benefit of acquiring multiple loans rather than just one is that it tends to negate the need for collateral such as your home.

No collateral is required.

No down payment is required.

Funds can ultimately be used towards whatever investment you desire.

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